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On-Demand Webinar:
Storage Infrastructure Analytics - Quit Flying Blind!

Listen to John Gentry, Virtual Instruments CTO, Paresh Gupta, Technical Marketing Engineer from Cisco and members of the Cisco product team. They’ll discuss why ever-increasing numbers of enterprise IT teams are bucking the blindness trend and crossing the performance chasm by deploying next-gen App-centric storage infrastructure performance management solutions. These solutions are empowering their teams to collaborate effectively and efficiently—and make deployment and workload placement decisions with confidence.

Series: De-Clouding the Issues

Webcast #2: Storage Infrastructure Analytics - Quit Flying Blind!

Duration: 45 minutes

Learn how your peers are:

  • Driving transformation with industry-defining intelligence & visibility for MDS SAN fabrics
  • Providing complete end-to-end views of overall IT infrastructure performance across servers, network and storage
  • Powering cross-domain collaboration and decision-support via analytics-driven dashboards for shared context

Paresh Gupta, Cisco Technical Marketing Engineer, focuses on storage networking across MDS 9000, Nexus 2000, 5000, 7000 and 9000 switches. He is an expert in some of the lesser known topics like slow drain and SAN analytics. This week, he may be building and validating end-to-end solutions in his lab. Next week, you may see him presenting and guiding Fortune 500 companies at an industry trade show. Paresh is a CCIE and can be reached at @reach2paresh.

John Gentry

CTO John Gentry is responsible for being the voice of the customers, and understanding the key IT infrastructure trends that affect product strategy and strategic alliances. A leader within Virtual Instruments since 2009, he first led the global systems engineering organization, then the marketing team from mid-2012 until the merger with Load DynamiX. John brings nearly 20 years of IT industry experience, and is recognized as a thought leader on the topics of data center IT infrastructure performance management. He has held a number of senior level sales, sales engineering, and product marketing positions at industry leaders such as Qlogic, Borland, McData, and CNT. John was a double-major in Economics and Sociology at the University of California at Santa Cruz.