Virtual Instruments

Webcast 1 in the De-Clouding the Issues Series: Storage Infrastructure Performance – Building the Foundation for Setting SLAs

In this live webinar, Mark Peters, Practice Director & Senior Analyst for the ESG shares findings on storage spending and purchasing trends, the Pursuit of SLAs & Next Gen Architectures, and the solutions that are enabling them. The webinar is a discussion and Q&A format moderated by Virtual Instruments CTO John Gentry, who was recently a recipient of Information Age’s Data 50 industry leadership awards.

About the series De-Clouding the Issues – at the heart of every Cloud is a data center, it changes constantly, and is very complex to manage. Moving business-critical enterprise workloads to the Cloud is not an easy, clear-cut decision. Performance matters, accountability matters, service assurance matters – yet nearly all cloud providers refuse to offer performance based SLAs. This three-part series features trends & analysis, guidance and best practices from subject matter experts on the topic of data center infrastructure performance.